A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

★ Winner of the CMPUT250 Game Of The Year award ★

Awarded Best Student Game by the Design And Game Awards ★

A comedy-realist narrative RPG about a girl and her missing homework. Play as Debbie as you meet new friends and get through weird situations.

In a fantastical university setting, Debbie is late to submit her Philosophy homework. Unexpected cliches catch her by surprise as she explores her university and all of its quirks and characters.

Made in RPGMaker MV.

Approximate length ~25 minutes.


Debbie's Dog Dilemma.exe 375 MB
Debbie's Dog Dillema_Mac.zip 277 MB
Debbie's Dog Dilemma_Linux.zip 313 MB

Install instructions

For Windows:

Just download, give the PC permission (there are no viruses, rest assured) and run the exe!

For Mac:

Unzip the zip archive and open the folder to find the app!

For Linux:

Unzip the zip archive and run the Game.desktop config file!

Protip: If the game is running slowly, try disabling the Lighting Effects in the options menu.

Development log


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This was a cute and nice little journey, thanks for making and sharing it!

Thanks for playing! -Hugh

I really love this game but I'm having trouble with the save button. Whenever I try to click it, it just makes a buzzing sound and nothing happens. Also when I try to exit the menu section it comes up with an error. Apart from that though The game is really amazing! 

I was able to save after creating a www/save/ directory in the game's folder. That also addressed the error that popped up when I tried to go into full screen mode:

That was a lovely game !

I really liked the atmosphere !

This was super fun! Thanks a lot for making it!

Glad you enjoyed!

Woah, this was such a great game

Glad you liked it!